✻ [BOOKS] ✯ MACARTHUR By Bob Ong ❅ – Merong matigasMerong malambotMerong tuwidMerong kulotMerong buoMerong durogAt merong mga taongHindi basta basta lumulubogBatung bato ka na ba? ROCK ROCKAN NAMerong matigasMerong malambotMerong tuwidMerong kulo.

TMerong buoMerong durogAt merong mga taongHindi bast.

macarthur mobile MACARTHUR PDF/EPUBTMerong buoMerong durogAt merong mga taongHindi bast.

10 thoughts on “MACARTHUR

  1. Janus the Erudite Artist Janus the Erudite Artist says:

    MACARTHUR Epub à å PDF macarthur mobile, MACARTHUR PDF/EPUBThis is my ultimate favorite among Bob Ong’s books Why you may ask? Because it’s deeply sad and yet heartwarming At first I was uestioning “Why is the title ‘MacArthur’?” What does he have to do with the book? But I knew I had to be patient when it comes to Ong’s book because surely there’ll be a surprise in the endAnd I was right to have thought so MacArthur rubs in the issue of poverty graft and corruption theft and drug addiction

  2. Razi Razi says:

    MACARTHUR Epub à å PDF macarthur mobile, MACARTHUR PDF/EPUBA heartbreaking Filipino tragedy centered around the ever significant themes of poverty drug addiction criminalit

  3. Bianca Sy Bianca Sy says:

    MACARTHUR Epub à å PDF macarthur mobile, MACARTHUR PDF/EPUBI bought and read this just because of a dare from my friends But I'm glad they dared me for I wouldn't be able to see the real beauty and talent of a Filipino writer yes I haven't read any book from a Filipino writer even I am born and live in the Philippines I'm sorryWhat is the book all aboutThis is on the subject of unexpected reality read this to see what I am really talking about HAHAHAHAHAWhat I likedI admire how Bob Ong wrote this one It's just a short story for me and is very engrossing even I got a hard time reading it because I haven't read a story written in my own language for a long timeWhy read thisThis is one of the books that are waiting for your hands to pick them up

  4. Carr Carr says:

    MACARTHUR Epub à å PDF macarthur mobile, MACARTHUR PDF/EPUBI won a copy of this during a Christmas party with my Goodreads friends last December I mentioned this in one of my past posts saying how I needed a larger bookshelf to fit all the new ones Frankly I thought this would be the last book I'd pick up among the promising pile but figured a short read could easily decrease my backlogI liked it Bob Ong's Macarthur is everything his Kapitan Sino is not Characters are engaging and the language flows as smooth as vulgar silk While the story of young men living in an informal settler's area might not sound engaging enough to many Ong's way of writing dialogue simply captivates This is something Brillante Mendoza would've written if he decides to become an author and something Jesus would come up if

  5. Dawn Tagala Dawn Tagala says:

    MACARTHUR Epub à å PDF macarthur mobile, MACARTHUR PDF/EPUBMy family and the people i hang out with are notorious for anything English That is how amazing Bob Ong is He makes us read and want to read his works even if it is a compilation of tagalog slangs His book mac art hur is exactly this It is a collection of Tagalog slangs At first I thought maybe this is not his work because it does not have it's usual format no enumerations which he so fancies and most of all it is dramatic But it was confirmed that it was his because of his favorite cursing putanginamo sorry about this This book made me realize that even those addicted to drugs have dreams and if they have the will can change their lives Dont get me mistaken the usual wit is still here My fave funny part is when Voltron threw up and revealed a whole guava that he did not even chew on hahaha

  6. Angela Marie Angela Marie says:

    MACARTHUR Epub à å PDF macarthur mobile, MACARTHUR PDF/EPUBNo need for reviews Read this book and see for yourself

  7. vaugnfreech vaugnfreech says:

    MACARTHUR Epub à å PDF macarthur mobile, MACARTHUR PDF/EPUBI scourge NBS yesterday and found the latest book by one of my fave Pinoy authors Bob Ong I was disappointed though seeing that the book was published last April Argh I wasn't aware Duh? I understand the slowpoke writing indus

  8. Mark Mark says:

    MACARTHUR Epub à å PDF macarthur mobile, MACARTHUR PDF/EPUB I shall return The book is metaphorically based on what General Douglas MacArthur said in 1942 as he left the Philippine Islands during World War II in the attempt of organizing the American offensive against Japan to help the Philippines in its cause What's the connection of that line to the book? It's for the readers to know why the book was entitled MacArthurPublished in 2007 MacArthur is Bob Ong's sixth book and was often told as the only book that Bob Ong thatis dramatic in nature Like the classic Bob Ong he again used some touches of humor and mixed it with the socio political concept of the storyThis book is about the struggles of Filipino youth in dealing with the problems of today drugs and vices employment education social and economic status and family expectations The book is a mixture of humor and sad truths like how the classic Bob Ong attacks certain issues in his books The book tho

  9. Jasmine Jasmine says:

    MACARTHUR Epub à å PDF macarthur mobile, MACARTHUR PDF/EPUBI really liked reading this book Bob Ong the author took a step away from writing jokes and humorous stuff and wrote about the reality of being poor neglected and underprivileged It also made me think of how the way the society sees you can put you down And in the end the only people you can count on is your family who would welcome you with open arms I even cried Haha

  10. Michi Montes Michi Montes says:

    MACARTHUR Epub à å PDF macarthur mobile, MACARTHUR PDF/EPUBOne of my favorite in Bob Ong's books

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